Personal Stories

Get advice and perspective from families who have also been impacted by substance use or addiction.

Partners for Hope Marathon Team member Lauren DiGaimo shares her family's story of loss, and the way it has inspired her own vocal advocacy in support of other families facing the challenges of addiction.
I sat down to tell Casey’s story and talk about what she and so many others go through, and how where there’s breath, there’s hope.
I am but one of tens of millions of incredible recovery stories. Let’s find yours.
We do not “consent” to the pain and misery, the shame and fear, the despair of addiction.
The detective said to me, “If we had a 911 Good Samaritan law or a Narcan law, your son might very well be alive.”
We need to change language like junkie, addict, and alcoholic if we are to lessen the stigma and negativity that saturates the perception of drug addiction.
All of us — men and women alike, who contend with family members, especially children, suffering from substance use disorder, are haunted by loss.