Call 1.855.378.4373 to schedule a call time with a specialist or visit
Call 1.855.378.4373 to schedule a call time with a specialist

Implement turnkey solutions

We make the technology that powers our helpline and other services available to providers and government agencies alike. Our turnkey solutions, including analytics and outcomes reporting, telehealth tools and mobile interventions, can help you more effectively meet the needs of those impacted by addiction.

Improve clinical practice

We deliver training to behavioral health providers serving families affected by substance use. The Inclán Clinical Training Academy is focused on increasing the use and accessibility of evidence-based practices to increase family involvement in treatment, facilitate education and enhance families' coping skills.

The Family Involvement in Recovery Support and Treatment (FIRST) Research Network is a multidisciplinary collaborative dedicated to promoting family integration in treatment and recovery services for youth with substance use disorders.

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Online learning

We offer professional development and skill-building opportunities for clinicians and others working to end addiction. Visit our online e-Learning hub to find a course that's right for you.

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Transform treatment delivery

We help regulators, policymakers and clinical experts with the latest knowledge and tools to transform organizational practices. Our system improvement training and consultation is focused on program evaluation and analysis, implementation strategies and training for evidence-based practices, translation of regulatory updates into program policies and practices, fiscal sustainability analysis and planning, and change management and quality improvement.

Support schools & communities in prevention

With more than 30 years of experience working with schools and communities to support families in their efforts to prevent youth substance use, we offer a streamlined set of materials and resources.

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