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Personal Stories

Get advice and perspective from families who have also been impacted by substance use or addiction.

I’ve learned from my mistakes and the consequences of my actions, and my kids know my recovery story.
Addiction comes in so many forms, and I think mental health and its connection to substance use disorders are not talked about enough. So, I’m talking about it, and this is my story.
When someone – including a teenager – gets treatment for alcohol and substance abuse, it is standard practice to identify some of the reasons why they started using and the benefits they feel they get from these substances.
Partners for Hope Marathon Team member McCord Henry write, "Running is my time to process. It’s my time to think and get my aggression out on the pavement. It confirms that I am free from addiction and able to put good out into the world."
Our daughter’s addiction, and newly found recovery, added to the family tension during the holidays. Here's how we learned to cope.
I am working on my own recovery, so I am properly able to support his.
Just because someone you love is struggling does not mean you did something wrong or you didn’t love them enough.
Dear Dad, I am grateful for all that you have done during my addiction and continue to do for me. I would not be alive and well today if it weren’t for you.
I was wracked with worry and felt guilty for not knowing that she was drinking alcohol in the first place. “How could I have missed it?!”