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    Prevention Services Resources

    Helping families in your school and community prevent and address youth substance use

    We’re here to help you engage and empower families to prevent youth substance use. Our experience and research tell us that prevention efforts that take a comprehensive approach and incorporate families have the best chance of success.

    We offer schools and youth-serving organizations the tools and guidance to help families in your community prevent and address substance use.

    Prevention services resources to start using today

    Guides & information to share with families

    Families, schools and youth-serving organizations can draw from our many research-backed articles, guides and e-books. The following are your best places to start or to direct parents:

    Personalized text messaging support

    Parents and caregivers can sign up for our messaging program, Help & Hope by Text, to begin receiving tips and guidance tailored to their needs. Whether it’s advice on preventing teen use or helping a child with substance use disorder, families can get the help they need delivered right to their phones.

    Online skill-building course for parents and other caregivers

    We offer a free skill-building course on techniques to effectively prevent and address adolescent substance use and related issues. Courses address how parents can encourage healthier behaviors, have a conversation rather than a confrontation, set reasonable limits, use consequences effectively and, more generally, how best to address youth substance use. Parents can take this course at their own pace.

    The First Day

    A film aimed at both adults and students from late middle school through college that takes an innovative approach to addressing youth substance use. It helps refocus the conversation around addiction from the last day — or most severe stages — to the first day, exploring the reasons a young person may first turn to substances and down the path of addiction.


    A short documentary that explores the stress and pressures our children face every day, as well as the unhealthy ways many of them cope, including misusing prescription stimulants.  With candid perspectives from high school and college students and nationally recognized experts, the film serves as a catalyst to inform discussions about what parents and communities can do to support young people who are struggling to manage stress and anxiety.

    Professional services

    Please use the contact form below to discuss how we can help your school or community with the following services.

    Expert speaker presentations

    Delivered in-person or virtually, our experts offer engaging and informative presentations on the following topics and more. Presentations can be tailored to local needs and delivered in a train-the-trainer format.

    • Parent-child communication strategies
    • Youth vaping and alcohol, marijuana, and prescription opioid drug use prevention
    • Overviews of adolescent substance use and risk for addiction
    • The role of parents in prevention

    Personalized guidance and consulting

    We are available to provide varying levels of guidance and involvement. Services include:

    • Needs assessment to help you select the resources to best serve the families in your community and complement existing services
    • Facilitated trainings for staff
    • Expert presentations or facilitated workshops and meetings
    • Text messaging program customized to community need
    • Impact evaluation of our resources and services on the families served by your school or organization
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    Implementing a better prevention program in Houston

    We worked with the Council on Recovery, a nonprofit community organization in Houston, Texas, to help standardize, implement and assess a school-based prevention and early intervention program. The program, titled Choices, targets 15 high-risk behaviors, including substance use, among middle and high school students. Our work helped the Council create a solid foundation of tailored evaluation tools, data collection methods and outcomes to build upon going forward.

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    Our team

    Prevention tools and resources are developed and facilitated by the following experts and staff.

    Linda Richter, Ph.D.

    Senior Vice President, Prevention Research and Analysis

    Pat Aussem, L.P.C., M.A.C.

    Vice President, Consumer Clinical Content Development