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I’ve heard from countless young people that the reason they got into recovery was because of the connection with a parent who fought for them when they couldn’t figure out how to help themselves.

Pat Aussem, L.P.C., M.A.C.

Master Addictions Counselor, Associate Vice President of Consumer Clinical Content Development at Partnership to End Addiction

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The family role in supporting a loved one with co-occurring disorders is critical. Support can include recognizing that there is a problem; motivating them to get help; navigating the treatment system; and helping them sustain progress in recovery. It can be a significant emotional time and financial commitment, but research shows that family involvement improves outcomes.
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Medications for opioid use disorder (MOUD) help treat opioid use disorder by reducing withdrawal symptoms and cravings and helping to prevent relapse. As part of a comprehensive treatment plan, it is considered the gold standard of care.
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As we honor Hispanic Heritage Month, we take time to reflect on the enormous challenges our Hispanic — or Latino, Latinx or Latine — communities face regarding addiction and substance use disorders and what we are doing to support them. 
Among all the recommended strategies out there for “effective parenting,” there are 10 key strategies that can really move the needle and one key strategy that can either increase or decrease the effectiveness of the other nine: parental modeling or how parents and caregivers act.
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A form of treatment for alcohol use disorder that focuses on reducing use rather than complete abstinence, the Sinclair method may be an option to consider if your loved one is struggling with alcohol use.
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Is experimenting with substances a normal phase, or could it lead to serious problems? Let’s dive into what you need to know about risk factors.
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