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Actions you can take right now

Tell Congress to Pass the Family Support Services for Addiction Act

When families are involved, informed and supported, the outcomes for those with addiction are better. The bipartisan Family Support Services for Addiction Act promises to create a much-needed grant program for community organizations and other nonprofits to provide family support services.

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Increase Access to Medication for Opioid Addiction

Unlike any other medication, providers are required to obtain a “waiver,” or special permission from the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), to prescribe buprenorphine and are only allowed to treat a limited number of patients at a time. This needs to change.

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Demand Action to Enforce Equitable Insurance Coverage

Most health plans are already required to cover addiction the same way they cover treatment for any other disease. Despite this, millions of families still struggle to get coverage for needed treatment. We need action.

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Support our work

Your support and generosity help ensure families have the science-based information and resources they need to take effective action in addressing a loved one's substance use or addiction.


Looking to do more? Your empathy and personal experience can be a valuable tool in helping us erase stigma and support each other.

Partner with us

Learn how to partner with us to integrate compassionate, research-backed and effective policies and programs on addiction throughout the country.

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Your generosity helps us provide families with practical tools to take effective action for their child’s substance use and addiction.


Provides over an hour of one-on-one coaching for a parent needing assistance


Allows our helpline specialists to connect with four parents seeking support


Gives a parent six weeks of one-on-one coaching and support


Helps us guarantee that families are empowered with critical tools and resources

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