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Call 1.855.378.4373 to schedule a call time with a specialist

About Help & Hope by Text

Our personalized text messaging program is designed to help you support your loved one and yourself whether your interest is in prevention, intervention, treatment or recovery.

Based upon answers to a few questions about your situation, we will deliver personalized practical parenting tips, tools, information and resources via text messages to your cell phone for up to 6 months of support – completely tailored to your situation.

How it Works

Customized resources at your fingertips, based on your situation.

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How it Helps

Whatever your needs, we are here for you

Depending on your situation, topics may include:

Support to build mental health resilience and substance use prevention skills

  • Improving self-esteem and boosting confidence
  • Promoting healthy family relationships and friendships
  • Managing social media and its impact on mental health and substance use
  • Recognizing risk factors that can lead to substance use
  • Taking actions to prevent or delay substance use

Support for when your loved one is actively using substances

  • Having effective conversations with your loved one about their substance use
  • Intervening to keep substance use from progressing
  • Setting limits and using consequences
  • Encouraging healthier behaviors
  • Seeking professional help and treatment

Support for when your loved one is in treatment or recovery

  • Motivating your loved one to attend treatment
  • Finding and paying for quality treatment
  • Using medications to reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms
  • Developing a relapse prevention plan
  • Managing your emotions and taking care of yourself



The texts are so helpful. I have learned a lot about how poorly I communicated with my son and how he just needs companionship and someone to listen. If I replied to a text, I got a response back right away, I never felt alone. When I felt helpless and worthless, those texts brightened my day and gave me hope.

Help & Hope by Text Participant

Other Text Support Programs

In addition to our personalized mobile programs for prevention, intervention and recovery support, we have several other text messaging programs based on your needs.

open hand and heart

Grief Support for Those Who Have Lost Loved Ones to Substance Use

Losing a loved one to substance use is unimaginable. Let us help you through it.

Text LOSS to 55753 to get started.

Text LOSS to 55753

chat bubbles

Ayuda y Esperanza

¿Necesita ayuda en español para encontrar recursos para su ser querido? Nosotros podemos ayudarle.

Para empezar, envíe un texto con la palabra AYUDA al 55753.

AYUDA al 55753

medication safety


Looking for information on non-addictive options for pain management and Rx safety?

Text RXAWARE to 55753 to get started.

Text RXAWARE to 55753