Parents Enabling Teenage Drinking


Time and time again I see news stories of teenagers losing their lives in horrific car accidents after leaving underage-drinking parties at a friends house. Just today, I read about another young teens death after he left a party and drove his car into oncoming traffic – he was only 16. One of the parents at the party had served him and his friends alcohol. The loss of yet another bright future makes me sad, but the fact that a parent would willingly permit teenage drinking by serving alcohol to underage kids just leaves me speechless.

Sadly enough, the article highlights a scary trend—one-third of teens said it was “easy to obtain alcohol” from their parents, according to a 2005 study conducted by the American Medical Association. That figure jumps to 40 percent when it comes to getting alcohol from a friend’s parent. One out of four teens said they had attended a party where minors were drinking in front of parents.

What do you think? Should this mother be held accountable for enabling teenage drinking and providing alcohol to her sons friends? And what do you tell your own kids when they want to have a party?

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