Good Parenting or Helicopter Parenting?

Just read mommy blogger Lisa Belkins article in the New York Times Magazine entitled Let the Kid Be.

Let the kid be? What does this mean exactly?

Here at the Partnership, we believe in creating and maintaining a strong bond with ones teen. Parents need to stay involved, keep an ongoing dialogue with their kids, and know their whereabouts, their friends, their school habits and their online activities.

But Belkin brings up some good food for thought at what point does concerned, involved parenting actually become helicopter parenting (or I-am-never-going-to-let-my-kid-out-of-my-sight parenting, as Belkin jokingly calls it)?

Maybe, as this article suggests, just chilling is the smartest thing we can do as moms and dads. Well be less stressed and fearful of parental failure, our kids will feel less stifled, and we may even save some cash in these tight economic times. But, on the other hand can you really ever be over-involved as a parent? After all, its our job (and our instinct) to help and protect our kids.

What do you think? When does protecting become overprotecting?  Where do you draw the line between good parenting and helicopter parenting or do you not draw a line at all?

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