Understand & Find Treatment

Realizing that your teen or young adult child needs help for his or her substance use can be scary and overwhelming. We can help.

Navigating the Treatment System

There is no one-size-fits-all type of drug treatment, so it can take work to find out what type of help your child needs, and how to get it.

What are the Treatment Options?

Before you make any decisions about substance use and addiction treatment for your child, take time to understand what types are available.

Finding a Treatment Provider

Finding a treatment provider for your child struggling with substance use can be overwhelming. We're here to help you through it.

Continuing Care

The end of substance use treatment is just the beginning of the road to recovery. Your child will need your help and support to get there.

Get confidential one-on-one support for your family.

A trained and caring parent counselor will listen to you and help you develop a personalized action plan.

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