Get Opioid Resources and Personal Support Sent Straight to Your Phone Via Text

Help + Hope by Text - SMS messages about opioids

The opioid epidemic in our country has impacted countless families. Unfortunately, the needs of parents and caregivers are often neglected by mainstream care, and every day more families are turning to us for help and support.

We’d like to introduce you to Help & Hope by Text, a way to get customized, mobile messages on your cell phone that provide you with personalized, ongoing support and relevant resources for families struggling with heroin and other opioids.

In other words, parents and caregivers who are concerned with their son’s or daughter’s opioid use can sign up to receive text messages —informed by parents who have been there themselves — containing evidence-based resources, tips, skills, support and hope. Parents can also text “CHAT” to connect with one of our Parent Helpline Specialists at any time, if and when they’re ready.

How It Works

It’s a simple process to sign up:

  • Enter your mobile phone number or text JOIN to 55753.
  • Answer a quick series of questions about your child and his or her substance use in order to help customize the messages you’ll receive.
  • Receive messages with information, support and hope specific to your family’s needs.
  • Text CHAT at any time to speak directly with a Parent Helpline Specialist.

What You’ll Receive

Messages will share important information and useful evidence-based skills and suggestions to help you better communicate and get the help your child struggling with opioids needs, such as:

  • Life-Saving Information: Learn how to guard against and respond to overdose.
  • Strategies to Help Motivate Your Child: Understand the benefits and concerns of different treatment options for opioid disorder.
  • Reminders to Take Care of Yourself: Get tips on how to better take care of yourself in order to help your child.
  • Live Support: Connect live with our Helpline Specialists to ask questions and receive additional support.

Don’t forget that you’re your child’s best advocate. We’re here to be yours.

Help & Hope
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