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Services made available in partnership with:

Help is Here Delaware also offers a 24/7 hotline for anyone struggling with addiction.
Call 1-800-652-2929 to connect.

Help is Here Delaware

Finding help can be overwhelming. If you need help for yourself or a family member, Help is Here Delaware makes it easy to find local treatment and recovery programs and relevant social services.

The State also provides a 24/7 hotline for anyone in crisis and struggling with addiction, or in need of assistance connecting with the right programs or services. Call 1-800-652-2929 to connect with Delaware’s state hotline.

Guidance for Parents & Caregivers

The Partnership for Drug-Free Kids has information to guide you through every step along the journey with your child. Whether you’ve only just uncovered substance use or your child has already cycled through rounds of treatment, we can help with support and evidence-based approaches.

Try to Spot Issues Early

Take Action to Help Your Child

  • Doing Your Prep Work
    Prepare for difficult conversations ahead and lay the groundwork for positive outcomes.
  • Suggesting Treatment
    Your child may be more willing to get help than you think. Learn how to listen for the right moments to start a productive conversation.
  • Safegaurd Against Overdose
    If your child is using heroin or abusing prescription pain medication, get Naloxone and know how to use it.
  • Navigating The Treatment System
    Treatment isn’t one-size-fits-all. Take time to understand what’s available and what to consider when selecting a provider or program. For those struggling with heroin or other opioids, treatment that incorporates medication like methadone and buprenorphine to manage cravings may be an effective option.

Support Your Child Through Recovery

Help Your Child & Family Heal

During this time of uncertainty resulting from COVID-19, we're here for your family with updated information on how to support yourself and your loved ones prevent and recover from addiction.

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If you are experiencing a mental health or substance use crisis, call the Delaware Crisis and Care line at 1-800-652-2929.