Staying on the Road to Recovery Following Treatment

The end of substance use treatment is just the beginning of the road to recovery. Your child will need your help and support to get there.

Keeping Your Child Healthy Following Treatment

Many parents expect their child to be “fixed” following treatment, but addiction and substance use disorders can be a lifelong, relapsing disease that requires ongoing management. The initial completion of treatment is just the beginning of what may be a longer road to recovery. Your child will need help to manage his or her recovery over time.

Paul Kusiak

"How many times have some of us tried to diet, exercise or quit smoking? It isn’t always one and done. Seldom is there one straight path out of the woods."

Paul Kusiak, parent

Please visit our complete site on Continuing Care to discover all the ways you can support and encourage your child’s recovery. Learn ways to reinforce a message of drug-free and healthy living, and discover how to monitor and support your child so he or she can continue to progress.

Substance use and addiction treatment isn’t over once your child is discharged from treatment; rather, that’s when much of the hard work is really just beginning. We’re here to guide you this portion of the journey, too.

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