What We Do

Our Mission

In 2019, we merged with Center on Addiction, and together, our mission is to transform how the nation addresses addiction.

How We Do It

We are the go-to organization for families addressing every aspect of substance use and addiction, from prevention to recovery. We empower parents and caregivers with support and guidance using the latest science-based information. We research and advance effective prevention and treatment strategies. We advocate for lifesaving policy changes. Finally, we aspire to change the national conversation around addiction so that no one will feel alone or ashamed to seek help, and everyone has access to the care they need and deserve. Our approach relies on:

Empowering Families

  • From prevention to sustained recovery, we infuse best-in-class science with compassion to support families caring for a child or loved one struggling with substance use.

Advancing Effective Care

  • We work with health care systems to provide effective addiction treatment, research and develop practices that work, and promote accessibility and affordability of care for everyone.

Shaping Public Policy

  • We advocate for the policies, practices and resources needed to effectively prevent substance use and treat addiction by pairing research and the experience of families and urging all levels of government to take action.

Changing Culture

  • We lift the voices of those impacted by substance use to eliminate the stigma around addiction in our country. We’re creating a movement to extinguish the deep-rooted misperceptions that surround addiction and prevent our society from investing the resources required to ensure no family loses a child to substance use or addiction.