With decades of experience in research, direct services, communications and partnership-building, we are working to transform how our nation addresses addiction. We focus on promoting positive change through three pillars: advancing effective care, changing public policy and changing culture.

Advance effective care

Research shows that nine in 10 adults with addiction began using substances before age 21, so when families and support systems engage early, prevention and treatment outcomes are improved. We’re committed to making effective, affordable and evidence-based care available for each and every family, while directly serving parents and caregivers seeking answers and support.

To advance care, we help families know what to do to help a loved one, providing them with personalized support and compassionate, lifesaving direct services, and we partner with health care systems and providers to better understand how to treat addiction.

We know from research and experience that families have the strongest influence in an individual’s life when it comes to preventing or overcoming addiction.
Creighton Drury
Chief Executive Officer

We encourage families and health care providers to catch substance use early, before it becomes a problem. Working together, we can lessen the impact of addiction for the next generation and alter the course of this public health crisis.

Learn more about how we advance effective care by supporting families and partnering with health care providers.

Change public policy

Partnership to End Addiction aims to bring attention to the public health crisis of addiction, educating the country on the need for accessible, quality care that delivers effective treatment to individuals and improves outcomes.

We advocate for the policies, practices and resources to effectively prevent substance use and treat addiction. Together with research and the experiences of close to 2,000 parent advocates located in nearly every congressional district across the nation, we help change the narrative and urge all levels of government to take action.

Learn more about how we change public policy.

Change culture

We strive to shift the conversation around addiction by eliminating the stigma that acts as a barrier to important progress.

By lifting the voices of those impacted by addiction and sharing their stories, we can extinguish the deep-rooted misperceptions that surround this disease. We can move toward solutions based in science and compassion.

Partnership One-Minute Pitch

Partnership to End Addiction is the nation’s leading organization dedicated to addiction prevention, treatment and recovery. We help families to prevent and treat addiction and support recovery for their children and loved ones.

Substance use disorder affects more than 46 million Americans and the well-being of our entire country. It lowers economic productivity. It saps the spirit and strength from communities. It devastates families. It kills or contributes to the death of 400 Americans every day.

The Partnership website provides educational material and resources to more than 1 million people and directly serves more than 15,000 families annually. We offer personalized support, providing the answers families need particularly in helping teenagers, the years when most addiction begins. 
Nationally, the Partnership’s extensive research, policy, and communications expertise make it uniquely qualified in driving systemic change to more effectively mitigate and diminish this disease.

The Partnership literally and figuratively saves lives.