Find or Become a Local Alliance

Local grassroots efforts are vital to changing attitudes, educating individuals and effectively changing behavior around drug and alcohol use. Through the Partnership’s Alliance Program, organizations across the country can leverage our public service ad campaigns and available community programs to amplify and strengthen local efforts.

Join our Alliance Program and Increase Your Local Impact

The Alliance Program is comprised of state and local non-profit organizations, and government agencies with the common goals of addressing drug-related public health threats and connecting the public with needed resources to better serve families. Partnership staff is available to work with alliances to provide technical assistance, media outreach support, and other valuable services. We are continually striving to best support community needs.

Curious whether your community could benefit from our Alliance Program? Contact Teri Christensen, Director of Field Operations, to discuss how we can work together.

Current Alliance Partners

Connect with any of our current partners to find additional support or get more involved locally.

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