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Change starts with you. Join us to advocate for better policy solutions and healthier perceptions when it comes to issues of substance use. Take action on one – or all – of the current initiatives featured below, and be sure to add your email address to receive future Action Alerts.

Implementation of Mental Health Parity

90% of people with addiction do not receive treatment. It’s time that we start treating addiction like the disease that it is and provide the necessary treatment to those struggling.

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Contact Your Representatives

Contacting your elected representatives directly is one of the most effective and powerful ways to create change. Use our Legislator Lookup tool to begin advocating for better policy solutions.

The Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act (CARA)

This passage of CARA this past July was a huge milestone, however, without the necessary funding, the programs outlined in CARA will not make a difference in our communities.

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911 Good Samaritan Laws

Every day, 129 people die from a drug overdose. Check whether your state has Good Samaritan laws in place to protect citizens when trying to get help for a drug overdose. If there is no law in place, we can help you take action.

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