Advocate for Change

At Partnership to End Addiction, we have done the research and have the expertise to suggest what changes are needed to effectively respond to the addiction crisis. We know what needs to be done, but we can’t do it alone. Join the community of other advocates who are breaking down barriers and working to transform how our nation addresses addiction. Together, we can do this.

Discover all the ways you can take action now.

Help us change the story of addiction

Families face too many obstacles getting the help they need. What could be stories of hope are full of heartache and frustration instead. We're harnessing the power of storytelling to break barriers and transform the addiction journey. Help us fix the system.

Make Your Voice Heard

Please take a moment to send letters to your members of Congress on these addiction-related pieces of legislation. All it takes is entering your name, address, and email!

Ready to do more?

What does it mean to be an advocate? Our toolkit provides step-by-step instructions, including tips for building relationships and effectively communicating with lawmakers. We are building a movement to transform how our nation addresses addiction, and we need your voice!

In case you missed it, view our Introduction to Advocacy webinar.

Your story can spark change

Nearly half of all Americans have a family member or close friend with addiction. This issue affects so many more people than most realize.

We know the science and the statistics, but what motivates change are stories of real people. Your stories. We’ll help you find your voice.