Your Story Can Help Others Impacted by Addiction

    By sharing our experiences, we can help others feel like they are not alone. Let’s lift the voices of those impacted by addiction and help break the stigma associated with substance use.

    Your story can change someone else’s, inspiring them to take action for themselves or for a loved one. They can help guide families toward healing and recovery. Here are a few ways we can work together to share your story.

    Become an advocate

    Your personal story can be a powerful tool to help ensure that policies and practices are in place to prevent substance use and treat addiction. We need volunteers impacted by addiction who are motivated to call or meet with representatives, potentially traveling to Washington, D.C., to share their stories directly with policymakers. If you’d like to become an on-the-ground advocate, begin by completing the contact form below.

    Write an op-ed or letter to the editor

    With our guidance, you can personalize an op-ed or letter to the editor to submit to your local newspaper for publication. Our parent volunteers have worked with us to raise awareness by responding to new studies or recent events, detailing their personal story, or speaking about other ways substance use has impacted their families. For information and assistance with turning your personal experience into a persuasive op-ed, contact us below.

    Write for us

    Help us harness the inherent power of storytelling. Our collective voices and shared experiences will let others know that they are not alone. If you’re interested in having your story published on our site, begin the process by contacting us below.

    Ready to share your story?

    Complete the below contact form to get started.


    April 2020