Crystal meth

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We'll my name is Giovanni i'm 17 years old my story is about my drug addiction having to deal with Crystal meth. I am now in recovery and fighting my disease. I just wanted to get something through to all those people in an addiction- it's not alright having to put you're family through all the trouble, especially yourself. I've had to go through jails, institutions and losing my family's trust, but little by little i'm gaining it back because I have chosen to do something with my life- I chose to stay on my feet and not give up. All i'm saying is, don't let your addiction take over your life because it's something u don't wanna experience throughout your path to success. Like one of my NA counselor told me "why are you going to pay some stranger for some shit that's gonna be killing you"- think about it. Hopefully this story helps anyone trying to change. Thanks for your time.

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    Chris saunders

    September 25, 2015 at 10:18 PM

    I am wondering what the effects of meth overdose are, been on it all afternoon

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    February 1, 2013 at 1:09 AM

    Hi Giovani,

    I have dealt with a husband, now ex, who got into meth later in his life (we had been married 25 years)–we had an 8 year old son at the time. Money I would give my ex to pay the mortgage went unpaid–things were funny but I didn't realize what was going on-my ex was always charasmatic and could tell a good story. When I finally figured out some stuff he said I was a b**** and he moved out with a girl 15 years younger than him into a travel trailer to do meth. I was left with foreclosure–which I dealt with–wow–some really rough times. The worst was –how could someone who loves you (which I knew he did) do this to you? It took a part of my soul. That would have been fine him being in his trailer after this and leaving me alone but he kept breaking into the house–stole all my jewelry, took the mattresses from my sons bed, besides all kinds of other stuff–would write on the mirrors "I wouldn't want to be you right now". I would constantly change the locks but he would always find a way in. My son and I lived in terror–thing is no one understood or believed what was happening–my ex would tell all I was a bossy person and the reason for everything that happened. Some nights I would sleep in my closet with a BB gun in fear. I would call the police at times when I heard unusual noises outside–had a restraining order but you know how well those protect people. He was never arrested for anything related to this.

    My son is now 24, and you can see how the years of this terror has affected him. He is smarter than his Dad and hates drugs. Still to have a father like that when his father was always kind and caring when he was young must have been confusing.

    I guess I write this because my oldest son who was not here when this happened asked me about it–I never talk to anyone about it–if you can imagine living through hell on earth –my son and I did.

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    January 5, 2013 at 10:27 AM

    Hopefully this helped any of the youth. To think I would write a short story just by seeing a commercial

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