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This story is about me and my serious addiction to prescription pain killers.

Back in 2007 while working with my father-in-law doing plumbing work, i noticed a large bottle of pills in between the seats and picked then up to look and see what they were. It was 120 10mg Endocet!

I remember when my wife gave birth to our 1st of 3 children that they had given her 2 Percocet and in about 30 minutes she was feeling a lot better and talking a lot about abstract things which at the time I thought was funny. I decided without asking my father-in-law to take 5 or 6 and home with me and take one to see how I would feel.

It was AMAZING!! I don't drink nor smoke and until then had never taken anything stronger than an aspirin. I noticed I felt happy and talked a lot and nothing seem to bother me or get on my nerves. For a few months I would occasionally take more from his UNPROTECTED BOTTLE and use them now and then. I didn't take them daily because I don't see the purpose. I just took one when I went out to dinner or just went out in public because it made me feel so good and allowed me to enjoy whatever I was doing.

It didn't take long until I started thinking that if 1 made me feel like this then what would 2 do so I took 2 and it made me feel even better and in my mind seem to have a longer half life. This went on a few weeks and then I began to notice that if I didn't take a couple in the morning that I was easily agitated and didn't feel like doing things that I had been doing. I started to not sleep at night and and my legs were very restless. I didn't know at the time that I was addicted to the pills! My father-in-law finally started to notice that each month he was running out of his medicine earlier than he should and he decided to take his pills in his home for safe keeping.

I was frustrated that my supply was no longer a avaliable so I started looking in his home when we took the kids over to visit. I found them because he kept them in a place in his bedroom that he assumed was safe. Again he noticed someone was taking them because by then I was taking 2 pills, 4 times a day to make me feel normal.

While looking for those around his home I noticed that he too was addicted to this medicine and other pain meds. I found a box of 800Mcg of Fentynal suckers which I didn't know anything about. I researched them and the decided to try then as well. All I can say is WOW!! It's was such an unreal feeling that I knew right then and there
I was hooked.

He was getting 2 boxes monthly from someone and no matter where he would hide them at his place I found them. 4 times day which was upwards of 200mgs daily! When I was finally able to find my own doctor I was taking 10 at a time 3 times a day putting my dose at 300 mg daily at my peak which continued for the next 5 years along with any other pills I could get a hold of. Paying $9 to $10 each when my script I was spending $250 to $300 a day probably 4-5 a week. I was a plumber that charged $90 an hour so money wasn't an issue.

Finally I came to my senses with the help of my wife and on 8/23/12 I checked in to rehab and got in a Methadone program which I am still currently on taking just 30 mg a day and got my life back! I am one of the lucky ones who didn't OD or lose his home and family because of my addiction.

I have found a new job and quit associating with my father-in-law and others who were a bad influence and have had the same job at Target for the past 2 years since I got help. I began seeing a real doctor who diagnosed me with Bi-polar and depression and put me on the right medicine and kept me from self medicating!

Getting help was the GREATEST thing I've ever done!! Please trust me if u have the courage to admit your problem and ask for help, it will be the GREATEST day in your life!! Please take ur addiction serious and get the help, it will be the best thing you can do for your loved ones but more importantly for YOURSELF!!

Please, please, please get help and don't become a statistic!! GOOD LUCK AND GOD BLESS!! I hope this story will inspire u to get help and reclaim your life!!

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