SafeLocator Simplifies Addiction Resource Management

    SafeLocator, borne out of a collaboration with Safe Project, allows state health agencies to better serve the public with a searchable database of approved addiction treatment and surrounding support services.

    Features and benefits

    SafeLocator has reengineered the process of collecting and maintaining up-to-date records of available addiction resources. The result is a database of approved and vetted treatment and support services. Your constituents will be able to better connect with the services they need via an easy-to-use, mobile-optimized web app.

    Consumer-friendly search features. Families and individuals in need of help can more quickly and easily connect with available resources.

    • Optimized for mobile
    • Search and sort by relevance and proximity
    • Ability to save search results and return to them later
    • Option to connect directly with a resource from within search results

    Ability to create and manage custom data sets. Curate resources to best serve your state’s public health needs.

    Regular data updates. Automated processes ensure resources are current and information is up to date. SafeLocator can also interface with third-party systems to provide daily service availability updates.

    Streamlined relationship management. Manage resource provider relationships through a shared messaging interface.

    Where is SafeLocator being used

    We have collaborated with to use the SafeLocator engine for their nationwide treatment and support search tool.

    The New York Office of Addiction Services and Support uses SafeLocator to manage its listing of treatment and support resources available to state residents.

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