Your Child’s Treatment & Recovery Roadmap: A Guide to Navigating the Addiction Treatment System

Your Child's Treatment & Recovery Roadmap

What kind of treatment is best? What should you consider when looking for a provider? What should you be wary of? How will you pay for it all? We have resources to help you answer all of these questions and more, and this helpful guide for parents and caregivers — Your Child’s Treatment & Recovery Roadmap (PDF Download) — brings them together to help ensure that you are considering all the details at each step of the journey.

There are many treatment options to consider whether your child’s struggling with opioids or other substances, and it’s confusing to sort through them all. Treatment can take place in different forms, settings and for different lengths of time. Different types of treatment may be more appropriate for your child than others, and different providers may be able to address other emotional or psychological needs in addition to substance use.

The road to recovery isn’t the same for everyone. This concise guide outlines key steps to help you make the right choice for your child and your family.

Download Your Child's Treatment & Recovery Roadmap

Use this guide to help walk you through the treatment system, so that you can ensure the best help for your child.

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