Typical Teen Behaviors: How Would You Describe Your Teenager?

Is my teen’s attitude and behavior normal? If you’ve asked yourself this question, welcome to the club. From mood swings to risk taking, “normal teenage behavior” can appear to be anything but normal to parents. Science shows that from early adolescence through their mid-20s, a teen’s brain develops somewhat unevenly, from back to front. This may help explain their endearingly quirky behavior but also makes them prone to risk-taking, like trying drugs and alcohol.

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Miss Impulsive

Consequences always come as a surprise to this teen. Think it through? I don’t think so! She’ll buy a $300 final-sale dress on your credit card, then ask if it’s okay when the bill comes.

Responsibility? You’ll have to work with her on that one.

My Little Rebel

She’s not bad, but there she is, pushing back mightily against even the smallest of boundaries. She tests limits, breaks rules, and plays “Devil’s Advocate” like a nature. You love her… but sometimes you don’t like her so much.

The Fashion Icon

This teen’s a walking billboard. His clothes, his accessories, his gadgets: everything’s got to have this week’s version of the right label. And don’t even get him started on YOUR (ahem) “taste.”

The Mood Swinger

This teen can go from laughter to moping in the blink of an eye. For you, it’s exhausting, trying to keep up, never knowing which kid you’re going to get. And it seems you are always to blame. Wait, never mind. That was a smile!

The Silent One

“How was your day?” “Good.” “What do you want for dinner?” “Whatever.” Perfect! If she spoke any less, she could me a mime. But then again, she talks with her friends all the time. You know this; you get the phone bill.

The BFF (Best Friends Forever)

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The Thrill-Seeker

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Running on Empty

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