Is it Cheating to Use a “Study Drug” to Focus on Schoolwork?

School can place tremendous pressure on high school and college students, especially when it comes to grades and academic performance. As a result, many teens and young adults will do anything to cope and get through — including abusing prescription stimulants like Adderall and Ritalin, sometimes referred to as “study drugs.”

What many don’t know is that abusing prescription stimulants not prescribed to them actually does not improve your GPA, and can be very harmful to their health and well-being. Beyond that, relying on a substance for academic performance can be considered cheating — moreover, it doesn’t teach you how to navigate through challenges, which is a key component in learning how to negotiate life.

Watch this video featuring extended interviews from our film BREAKING POINTS, and hear students, educators and healthcare professionals discuss the abuse of prescription stimulants, cheating and the development of grit and resilience:

To learn more about the negative effects of stress on students today, and the ways that many of them are coping by abusing stimulants, watch the trailer for our film BREAKING POINTS >>

"Any community that values education to the point that they push their kids is going to have a situation where kids are gonna do whatever they feel they have to."

Alan Schwarz

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