What If My Child Isn’t Motivated to Get Treatment for Addiction?

If your son or daughter is using substances, but isn’t ready to make a change in his or her life, there are still steps you can take to help.

In this short video, Master Addictions Counselor Mary Ann Badenoch, LPC, offers tips for talking with your child, so you can better understand his or her mixed feelings about getting treatment.

For example, perhaps your son or daughter wants to cut back or stop using substances — yet he or she sees substances as a way of meeting a particular need such as boredom, social anxiety, insomnia, curiosity, etc.

By remaining calm and compassionate and listening, suggests Badenoch, we can find out what’s going on and help address any underlying issues and help him or her feel better.

If your child isn’t ready for formal treatment, there are still lots of things you can do to encourage positive, healthy changes.

Suggesting Treatment to a Loved One

If your loved one expresses even a little willingness to engage with treatment, it can be all the invitation you need to begin the conversation.

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    Mark Phillips

    February 28, 2018 at 4:05 PM

    I appreciate Ms. Badenoch’s comments. She made some good and valid points. To me they are more appropriate to new or light substance users. But worth a try nevertheless. Like she mentioned, I recently sent my son to Narconon’s Fresh Start. We had a terrible experience unfortunately. We were misled by the sales folks then the treatment team appeared to lack training and certainly did not take an interest in my son’s issues. $30K wasted. He is now back on herion. Dont go to Narconon!

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      Bruno Bear

      April 11, 2018 at 10:03 AM

      Mark Phillips, Narconon are Scientology recruitment centers that under the guise of substance abuse treatment. It’s called Narconon because it’s easily confused with the better-known Naranon, support groups for family members of addicts à la Narcotics Anonymous (NA).

      I’m pretty sure Badenoch did not mention Narconon or Fresh Start. I didn’t watch the whole video, but I searched the transcript.

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