Partnership Parent Coach Appears on Local Memphis Morning TV Show


    Partnership Parent Coach Ron Bobal lost his son, Ronnie, to a substance use disorder and is now sharing his story. Memphis-based artist Ronnie Bobal, otherwise known by his graffiti tag name as “Betor,” passed away from a drug overdose on Christmas Day, 2016.

    Ron recently shared his family’s story on the area’s ABC affiliate, Memphis Local 24’s morning TV show. He discussed ways that parents can get treatment help for their son or daughter, including understanding the warning signs for those who are struggling with a substance use disorder. These include ways to get help and support through our online and offline resources, including a free helpline at 855-DRUGFREE.

    “The Partnership has got some guidelines that teach parents how develop skills, rather than coming at it from a confrontational standpoint. It teaches you to listen; it teaches you to understand and to avoid the triggers that might want to make someone go and use. It’s very powerful when, rather than looking at your child or loved one as a problem, you look at them as a person with a disease and you want to get them help with that disease,” said Bobal.

    In addition to volunteering their time as Partnership Parent Coaches, Ron and his wife started an organization to honor their son called “A Betor Way.”

    Watch Ron’s full segment on Memphis Local 24 here.


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