Family Stories, Voices Key Elements in Opioid Litigation Funds Recommendations

    The news of likely funding coming from the opioid litigation presents a historic opportunity to meaningfully address the nation’s opioid crisis and invest in the long-term reforms necessary to transform the way our nation addresses addiction.

    While, ultimately, it will be up to state lawmakers to determine how to best allocate the funds from the opioid litigation, the need for families who have lost loved ones to opioid addiction to share their stories and make their voices heard has never been greater.

    Our own Marcia Lee Taylor was recently quoted in the Associated Press, where she underscored the crucial need to listen to families who have been impacted by opioid addiction and to those people in recovery: “They’re the experts,” she stated in the piece.

    “So many pieces of the system are broken,” Taylor said. “By hearing stories, it really highlights the broken joints in the system so we can fix it going forward.”

    To help ensure that opioid litigation funds are spent wisely and go toward preventing and treating addiction, Center on Addiction has drafted a petition to help hold our leaders accountable. The petition urges that opioid litigation dollars be spent in a meaningful and comprehensive way that will have a positive impact on families and communities across the country.

    Sign the Petition today.


    October 2019

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