2019 Year in Review: Center on Addiction

    Partnership for Drug-Free Kids and Center on Addiction Announce Merger

    We merged to empower families to support loved ones, advance effective addiction care, and shape public policies that prevent and treat addiction as a public health issue. The merger combines our research, policy, media, direct-to-family resources and services, as well as communications expertise, making us the go-to organization for addressing every aspect of substance use and addiction, from prevention to recovery. 

    Substance Use + Mental Health in Teens & Young Adults: Your Guide to Recognizing & Addressing Co-occurring Disorders

    This guide, developed in partnership with the Child Mind Institute, featured information on common mental health disorders in young people, tips on identifying substance misuse, and practical advice about evaluating and treating a young person who may be struggling with both.

    New Report Finds Only Four States Provided Adequate Coverage for Addiction Treatment in 2017

    We released a comprehensive report that revealed that more than half of U.S. states offered a plan that did not comply with the Affordable Care Act’s requirements to cover substance use disorder benefits.

    Center on Addiction CEO Named to Committee to Address Emerging Drug Threats in U.S.

    Our CEO, Creighton Drury, was tapped to serve on the Emerging Threats Committee, which is helping identify and respond to emerging drug threats across the U.S.

    New Campaign Aims to Break Silence on Opioid Addiction

    We joined Facebook and helped launch “Stop Opioid Silence,” a public awareness campaign aimed at reducing the stigma that surrounds opioid addiction.

    Partnership for Drug-Free Kids and Delaware Department of Health and Social Services Bring New Statewide Resources for Families in Crisis

    We partnered with the Delaware Department of Health and Social Services to bring dedicated, science-based resources and support to Delaware families.

    New National Study: Parents Miss Key Opportunities to Protect Kids from Risks of Substance Use as Teens Grow Older

    Our national survey provided key insights into teens’ attitudes about substance use and found that drugs, alcohol and nicotine are highly prevalent and accessible in teens’ lives, particularly as they enter high school.

    “The First Day” Film Collaboration with the Herren Talks

    Working with the Herren Talks and Cigna, we helped launch “The First Day,” a film that takes an innovative approach to addressing teen substance use, while helping refocus the conversation around addiction from the last day to the first.

    Partnership for Drug-Free Kids Launches New Campaigns Addressing Heartache, Helplessness Felt by Parents of a Child Struggling with Opioid Misuse

    Our newest public service announcements examined the impact of opioid addiction on families, while offering hope to parents and loved ones.

    Today’s Google Doodle: How Dr. Herbert D. Kleber Changed Addiction Medicine

    A Google Doodle honored Dr. Kleber, Center on Addiction’s first medical director, commemorating his life and immeasurable accomplishments to the field of medicine, along with his dedication to helping those impacted by addiction.


    December 2019

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