Keep Yourself & Family Healthy

Your child’s substance use has likely taken its toll. Learn how to help not only your child, but yourself and the entire family heal together.

Skills to Help Your Child & Family Heal

Hitting "rock bottom" isn't the only way. Learn about changing your child's substance use and helping them recover by staying involved in a positive way.

Coping with Fear and Anger

Your child's drug use has likely caused you to feel overwhelmed by negative emotions like fear and anger. Learn how to lessen their impact.

Get confidential one-on-one support for your family.

A trained and caring specialist will listen and help you develop a personalized action plan. Connect using any of the following options.

Specialist are available weekdays 9am-12am ET & weekends 12-5pm ET.

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Because of your sound advice and helpful resources, I see hope now.

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