Food Companies Ask Congress to Deter Sales of Marijuana-Infused Copycat Products

    Major food and beverage companies including Kellogg, Pepsi and General Mills are asking Congress to increase efforts to deter sales of marijuana-infused copycat products that mimic their brands, The Washington Post reports.

    The companies are asking Congress to broaden an existing law called the Shop Safe Act. Under this measure, THC-laced products that simulate the “famous marks” of known brands would be considered counterfeit by making it clear that products that loosely spoof well-known products are prohibited for sale online under the law if they implicate health and safety.

    These products have look-alike packaging and are often sold online, making them more difficult to regulate or stamp out, according to Katie Denis of the Consumer Brands Association. Many copycat packages do not list a manufacturer, making it difficult to trace them.

    “This amendment would be giving us the tools we need to go after the problem at the root source,” Denis said. “If it’s not this, it should be something else, because the problem is growing.”


    May 2022