California Proposed Ballot Initiative Would Decriminalize Psychedelic Drug Psilocybin

    California’s state attorney general has approved signature gathering for a proposed ballot initiative that would decriminalize the psychedelic substance psilocybin, the psychoactive compound found in “magic mushrooms.”

    Advocates for the measure are hoping to place it on the 2022 ballot, but they face fundraising challenges, NBC News reports.

    California State Senator Scott Wiener has proposed legislation that would permit people 21 and older to possess and share small amounts of psychedelic substances including psilocybin, LSD and Ecstasy.

    Last November, Oregon became the first state to decriminalize possession of small amounts of substances such as heroin, cocaine and methamphetamine. Oregon also became the first state to legalize the therapeutic use of psychedelic mushrooms.


    September 2021