If Every Conversation Ends in an Argument, How Can I Help My Kid?

    Anger, frustration and stress play a critical role in the breakdown of communication. When communication breaks down in the face of fear and stress, too often, we can get to that place of isolation or giving up on our child. The fact that you are asking how you help is encouraging, as some might find it easier simply to walk away. Developing new tools and strategies for more effective communication has been shown to be one of the most powerful things you can do to improve your relationship with your child. With time and a whole lot of practice, you can use positive communication to empathize with your child, which can lead to jumping even bigger hurdles, such as getting insight into the reasons why your child might be using substances. Gaining that insight allows you to be part of the solution. By changing the conversation, you can find many ways to influence positive change.

    Good communication is crucial in creating space for change to take place for everyone. In time, you, too, can feel more understood and listened to.

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