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    Invest needed resources in addressing the addiction crisis

    In 2022, nearly 108,000 people died from overdoses, and over 48 million people had substance use disorder. Despite vast need, very few people receive the treatment and services they need. This crisis has been ongoing for years, with deaths continuing to reach record-high levels, despite increased focus on addressing the crisis in recent years.

    A huge investment and comprehensive response that treats substance use and addiction like the public health crisis it is are urgently needed. Responses that continue to consist of incremental changes will not solve the crisis.

    The Comprehensive Addiction Resources Emergency (CARE) Act is based on the Ryan White Act, a 1990 law that overhauled the response to the HIV/AIDS crisis. It is the most ambitious legislation introduced in Congress to confront the addiction crisis.

    The CARE Act would provide state and local governments with $125 billion in federal funding over 10 years, including nearly $1 billion per year directly to tribal governments and organizations. This funding would:

    • Go to states, localities, and tribes with the highest levels of overdose;
    • Enhance biomedical research and public health surveillance, including data collection on overdoses;
    • Improve and expand training for health professionals on substance use disorder;
    • Support expanded and innovative service delivery, including for treatment, recovery, and harm reduction services and culturally-informed care; and
    • Expand access to naloxone.

    Over 100 mental health, addiction, social service, and other organizations have endorsed the CARE Act.

    Send the letter below to your members of Congress to encourage them to support the CARE Act to provide an urgently needed response to the addiction crisis.