Drug Prevention Resources

    Drug Prevention Resources envisions a drug-free generation, and believes Texans can make this a reality with the help of people like you who are committed to keeping kids safe, healthy and drug-free.

    Did you know that teens and adolescents report their parents as their #1 influence? You may think they aren’t listening to you, but they are! You don’t have to accept alcohol and drug use as a rite of passage. Research shows that parents who talk to their kids regularly about drugs and alcohol have kids who are 50 percent less likely to try them.

    Drug Prevention Resources can help you more positively influence your child’s decisions by providing free resources and support. Prevention Specialists are also available to teach an in-school curriculum about making good decisions and knowing one’s value.


    Partners play an important role in fostering healthy local communities through support and education. Learn more about partnership opportunities.


    August 2019