COVID-19: We Are Here for You

In this uncertain time, we know that you may be concerned about keeping your families and your communities safe and healthy. We are dedicated to ensuring you have the support you need to address substance use and addiction – from prevention to recovery.

Help is Here

Our Helpline remains open and available. If you are having difficulty accessing support for your family, or a loved one struggling with addiction faces care or treatment challenges resulting from COVID-19 circumstances, our specialists are here to guide you.

Support is available in English and Spanish, from 9:00am-midnight ET weekdays and noon-5:00pm ET on weekends. Connect now using any of the following options:

Online Support Community Now Available

In response to the uncertainty and circumstances surrounding COVID-19, we are hosting a series of free supportive online gatherings for parents and caregivers designed to help you connect with others, and gain helpful insight and ideas.
Learn more and register to participate >>

Additional Information & Resources in Light of COVID-19

Receive Help & Hope by Text
Enroll in our text-based support program to receive regular messages of support and information customized to meet your specific needs and challenges.

How to Use Naloxone
The stress of COVID-19 can increase the risk of an overdose. It’s important to have naloxone (also known as Narcan), a medication designed to rapidly reverse opioid overdose, on hand.

Help Accessing Critical Medications for Your Loved One
If your child or loved one is considering or using pharmacotherapy, also known as medication-assisted treatment, to treat their opioid use disorder, we have guidance to help ensure there is no lapse in care or medication due to COVID-19 circumstances.

Special Considerations When Seeking Substance Use Treatment During COVID-19
Many treatment programs are still open and accepting patients. We’ve compiled a list of important questions to ask any potential providers in light of COVID-19.

In a Time of Disruption, Protecting Your Child from the Risks of Substance Use
What can parents and other caregivers do to reduce the potential that children – who are feeling frustrated, isolated and bored – might engage in substance use?

Welcoming An Adult Child Back Home Because of COVID-19
Is your adult-aged child back home unexpectedly? We recommend a conversation about shared expectations.

Online & Remote Resources for Addiction Support
Our digital age enables connection and support to continue in this time of social distancing. We’ve compiled a list of support options for individuals and families alike, offered by a variety of other organizations and institutions. We’ll continue to update as new information becomes available.