If Your Child Struggles with Addiction, Peer-to-Peer Parent Support Can Help.

Imagine if you were about to go on a journey – a specific one, to a remote part of the world that you haven’t heard many people talk about before. You’d want to know as much as possible before you go, of course, to prepare you for what you should bring, what you will find and what you should do. While you can definitely consult experts on travel, as well as research the internet and read accounts of this part of the world — wouldn’t you also want to talk to someone who has visited there firsthand?

There’s nothing quite like being able to talk to another parent who has been in your shoes. That’s what our Parent Coaching program is all about. We have an amazing group of trained parent volunteers who live all over the country, who have all traveled the path of dealing with a child’s substance use. We pair up other parents – those who are still navigating the struggle of their own child using substances – with a coach of their own to help discuss their specific situation and learn evidence-based approaches to set the stage for positive outcomes. Parent coaches are there to listen, offer ideas and reaffirm that those who have a child using substances or with an addiction aren’t alone in this struggle.

Watch a few of our coaches talk about what Parent Coaching means to them, and why they believe peer support is so important:


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Denise M, Parent Coach

"When you're on this journey, you don't trust a lot of people -- and it's justifiable. So to speak to that person that gets you, understands you, is powerful and inspiring, and gives you a whole lot of hope."

Denise Mariano, Parent Coach