Volunteer with the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids

As someone who understands the struggle of a loved one’s addiction, you are an invaluable resource in supporting our mission and the families we serve.

Become a Parent Coach

Parent Coaching is a peer-to-peer program, by which a parent seeking help and perspective on their child’s substance use issues is paired up with another specially-trained parent volunteer who has also traveled the path of dealing with a child’s substance use.

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Your Story Can Help Others

We can help you use your story to change someone else’s for the better.

Contribute to the Parent Blog

Our Parent Blog is the place to gain perspective and learn from experts and others who have been impacted by substance use. The blog regularly features families’ and individuals’ personal stories related to drug use, treatment, recovery and loss to help unite, inform and support those touched by addiction. If you think your story could similarly help other families, we invite you to work with us on contributing to the blog.

Write an Op-Ed or Letter to the Editor

With guidance from our staff, and using a provided template, personalize an Op-Ed or Letter to the Editor to submit to your local newspaper for publication. You may respond to a study, describe a personal experience, or speak to a specific topic you’re passionate about. Previously published Op-Eds have responded to data from the annual Monitoring the Future study, described a personal experience regarding insurance coverage, and recounted a personal experience using life-saving Naloxone. Volunteers can also share Partnership services by responding to existing Op-Eds.

Kirk Morrison wrote an Op-Ed in the Oklahoman titled “Advocate: Help and hope with Oklahoma’s Opioid Crisis” in response to data from the CDC that show that 174 Americans die from a drug overdose every day. He spoke to his experience of watching one of his family members struggle with opioid addiction and how, as he reached out to his local recovery community and started sharing his story, he realized he wasn’t alone and began to feel more hopeful.

Become a Partner for Hope

Through our Partners for Hope platform, anyone can celebrate recovery by sharing a Story of Hope or honor a loved one by writing a Memorial Tribute. Becoming a Partner for Hope is an opportunity to quickly and easily share your story (you can begin right away; no need to complete our volunteer survey) – including photos or video – while inviting friends and family to contribute their own comments and stories as well.

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Become a Social Media Ambassador

Use your online and social media connections to let others know about the services and resources we make available to families and communities struggling with substance use. Help us make sure that those families who could benefit from our services the most know about:

Social media volunteers are asked to spread the word and help connect their network with Partnership services and resources on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or Twitter.

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Connect Your Community

We have the tools to help you use your passion for helping families affected by substance use locally in your community.

Become a Community Ambassador

Identify and encourage organizations in your community to connect to the Partnership and its services. We need volunteers who have contacts or the interest in connecting with one or more groups, organizations or key players in their communities. These groups can include schools, police departments, hospitals or other medical facilities; they can be faith-based, support or recovery-based nonprofits or corporations.

Educate Your Community

Deliver Partnership Community Education presentations in your town, city or state. We’ll provide the presentation(s), digital copies of handouts and talking points so that you can help educate your community about substance use and connect families to the Partnership’s services and other resources.

Diane Clayton and Deb Beatty presented to a group of graduate students studying social work at the University of Pittsburgh in order to stress the importance of including families when helping a person struggling with substance use or addiction. Within this three hour class, they also shared the work being done by the Partnership including the Parent Coaching program which pulls from CRAFT, MI, and ACT. Thanks to Diane and Deb, as future substance use counselors, these students now have a better understanding of the nightmare families go through and why it is so crucial that they are part of the solution.

Conduct Media Outreach

Reach out to and encourage media outlets in your community to provide pro bono support for Partnership public service announcements (PSAs). The more families see our PSAs, the more families will access support from our Helpline and website. Media outlets can include TV stations, radio stations, newspapers or magazines, and they often respond well to parents directly advocating in their community.

Advocate for Change

Help us advocate for better policy solutions and healthier perceptions when it comes to issues of substance use. You can always sign and share our online petitions and other advocacy actions, but we also need volunteers interested in calling or meeting with representatives or traveling to Washington, D.C. to advocate on behalf of families.

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Lend Your Expertise

Combine your passion for helping families affected by substance use with your professional skills to help us refine our services.

Test Our Tech

Help us test our technology, providing feedback to the Partnership on our new digital services and resources. Experience or interest in navigating desktop and mobile apps as well as user experience is a plus. Volunteers will test out and answer questions around technical functionality, capability and usability as we build new digital tools and update our website.

Conduct Research

Help us build a research database on substance use and addiction that is organized by topic and state, such as a list of recovery programs available within a certain area. You would help conduct research and fact-checking to ensure accuracy.

Pro-Bono Support

Use whatever skill set you have to help us help families whose loved one struggles with substance use or addiction. Do you have graphic design skills? Google analytics? Editing? Photography or videography? No matter your area of expertise, we can most likely use your help!

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