Get Help for a Loved One

Think your child might have a problem with prescription medicine abuse? We’re to help.

Help Starts Here

If you think your child has a problem with prescription medicine — or any other drugs or alcohol — we’re here to help. The tools and resources throughout this site will help you better understand what may be going on with your child, make a plan and learn skills to effectively address his or her substance use.

Under Get Help & Support, you’ll find a wealth of information to understand & find treatment for your loved one. You can learn more about Medication-Assisted Treatment specific to opioids, drugs which include the most commonly abused prescription pain relievers along with heroin. And likewise, learn how naloxone (also known by the brand name Narcan) can reverse an opioid overdose, potentially saving a loved one’s life.

For one-on-one help getting started, you can call our free Parent Helpline at 1-855-DRUGFREE (1-855-378-4373) to speak with a caring, master’s-level counselor who will listen and help you make a plan.

"It is so reassuring to parents out there that there are options, even when you feel you've hit a brick wall."

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