I Blame Myself for My Child’s Substance Use. What Could I Have Done Differently?

We work with a special group of moms and dads – Parent Coaches – who, just like you, have been affected by a child’s substance use. They are volunteers who receive special training from the Partnership and our clinical partner in order to help other families through similar struggles. In these blog posts, they answer parents’ most frequent questions.

Those of us who have traveled a similar journey with our loved ones have had those same feelings of shame and being at fault. Those of us who have traveled that similar journey also know that this shame we feel makes it very difficult to reach out for help thinking no one will understand. Please know you are not alone. Many parents, if not most, have experienced all the”what ifs” – those long nights where we second guess everything we have done – “How did I not see the signs?”, “Why did I not say something earlier?”

While painful, experiencing and being aware of shame can lead us to change or help us change our course and you can change that course. You can ask for help and support from others who care about you or have gone through similar life circumstances. Where do you begin? You can begin by finding compassion for yourself. There are tools and strategies to help you not dwell on the negative but rather help you learn to shift away from shame, and practice treating yourself kindly during those times when things may not be going well.

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