How Do I Deal with the Emotional Rollercoaster of My Child’s Addiction?

    When your child is struggling with drugs or alcohol, it can be surprising and overwhelming just how much your emotions can vary minute to minute or day to day. One moment you can be completely sad. But perhaps the next moment you can find a glimmer of hope for improvement. Those emotions can quickly turn to anger, frustration, hopelessness. How do you deal with all of this and still keep a level head to be able to help your child?

    It’s completely normal to be going through all of these emotions. But it’s important to learn how to accept and manage them, in order to be your best, helpful, most supportive self


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    How Do I Deal with the Emotional Roller Coaster of My Child’s Addiction?

    How can a parent possibly cope with the anger, fear, worry and exhaustion, while trying to help? Helpline Specialist Karla Castro-Soto, MS in Marriage & Family Therapy, answers some of parents’ most commonly asked questions about their child’s drug use.

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    September 2023