You Are Not Alone Town Hall: A Success!

More than 200 people logged on for our You Are Not Alone Virtual Town Hall last night, co-hosted by The Fix and In The Rooms.  A team of nine panelists comprised of top names from the medical, entertainment and literary field shared their personal knowledge and expertise about addiction and recovery.

“Events like the virtual town hall let us share the You Are Not Alone message with the largest audience possible and encourage deeper dialogue amongst our community,” shared Roselena Martinez, Associate Director of Marketing and Business Development at the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids, who opened last night’s event.  Panelist Fred Muench, PhD, added:  “The virtual event was a wonderful way to use technology to bring together so many people from various geographic locations and from different walks of life to discuss the diversity of recovery.” 

The speakers drew on their individual experiences to answer a number of questions, from both our lively and adept moderator, Ken Pomerance from In The Rooms, as well as event participants, providing the audience insights on the various ways in which addiction impacts different segments of society.  Specific issues discussed included the differences between men and women when it comes to addiction, how the media skews and portrays substance abuse and the role of spirituality in the recovery process.

“Amazing experience as a panelist this evening,” Tweeted Dan Griffin, event panelist and author of Helping Men Recover, after the event.  “(It was) a breakthrough in communication.”

We would like to thank our You Are Not Alone partners, In The Rooms and The Fix, the team of knowledgeable panelists and everyone who registered for and participated in the online event and embraced this new technology.

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    Alicia Happoldt

    May 4, 2013 at 10:45 AM

    My name is Alicia Happoldt; I am the wife of Robert Happoldt, who used to be a notorious drug dealer known as “Roger Rabbit.”

    I hope you will see, through this written word, that God can not only heal and deliver you from your problems, but he can also mend marriages and broken families.

    I was molested at the early age of four and two other men would have their way with me before I reached the age of seventeen.

    One of these men not only molested me but he introduced me to drugs and alcohol at the young age of thirteen. I did manage to graduate high school but not without being kicked out of school several times for drugs and alcohol abuse. Drugs and alcohol would control my life for the next thirty years.

    I eventually found a man who would have me so we got married and had two beautiful daughters. But, because of drugs, Satan wrecked this marriage and I lost it all, even custody of my girls.

    Shortly afterwards, I met Roger Rabbit and it wasn’t long till we were married. It was, however, A MARRIAGE MADE IN HELL We only stayed together for two reasons, drugs and making money. Wife abuse was part of Roger Rabbit’s daily agenda for my life and I endured it for twelve years.

    I tried to get my husband to go away and leave me alone, but he wouldn’t. And each time I got the courage to leave him, he would find me and drag me back home.

    Our relationship was spooky. We even joked that the only way we could ever leave one another for good was if one of us was 6 feet under. But I knew in my heart that that was not a joke and I feared for my life for most of the twelve years.

    Just when I thought my life couldn’t get any worse I was wrong, we discovered METH. Satan already controlled us, but with Meth his power over us was inconceivable. Nothing was sacred to us anymore, everything was evil. But at the time we both thought we were having the time of our lives.

    But God had a plan “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for calamity to give you a future and a hope.” (Jeremiah 29:11) . He used the 12th Judicial Drug Task Force to set His plan for our lives in motion. They busted both of us for drug trafficking.

    However it wasn’t long till we made bail and we were back on the streets living on and making our living from Meth. But that was short-lived and before you know it we had broken bond and were back in the slammer waiting to go to prison for a ten year sentence. We would not be eligible for parole for three years.

    God began dealing with me on my very first night in jail, and on March 9, 2002 I woke up and decided that I was through letting the devil control my life. I bowed my head, raised my arms and told the Lord I was done. I told Him I’d had enough of doing it my way and that He could have all that was left of me. I was His, to do with me as He pleased. I have lived for Him ever since

    I’ll admit there have been some rough roads, but, Jesus said serving Him would not be easy, but it would be worth it. Prison particularly wasn’t easy but He carried me thru it.

    Jesus totally delivered me from drugs and alcohol. He kept me from committing suicide and healed my marriage. I am now closer to my daughters and my parents than I have ever been.

    Oh, by the way, God saved my husband, too And now, the marriage that was made in Hell is a marriage made in Heaven

    We both ride with Heaven’s Saints Motorcycle Ministry and give our testimonies in jails, churches, and anywhere else we’re asked to.

    The Lord has blessed me with everything the devil has stolen and we no longer depend on Satan’s temporal pleasures to see us through each day. We now rely on Jesus for everything. With Jesus, life is wonderful and I can’t imagine living a day without Him in it.

    I have forgiven the three men who molested me and God has healed me from the hurt and shame of those experiences.

    Yes I’ve been tempted by drugs since I was released from prison, but there is no way I would disappoint my Lord or my family by giving in to them again.

    I am thankful for my victories over these temptations because it confirms in my heart that I am totally set free. It also confirms in my heart that my Lord Jesus Christ can and will see me through everything.

    I’ve been drug free since 2002 and Christ is now the essence of my being

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    Robert Happoldt

    May 4, 2013 at 10:41 AM

    They used to call me Roger Rabbit. I was a drug addict and a main player in the meth trade in Coffee County Alabama.

    Everything I did, I did for me. No one else mattered. It was my way or the highway. Satan had his hooks in me, and no matter what I wanted; drugs, money, or selfish pleasures, I got. Even hate was part of my world.

    My wife and I lived in Hell during these 12 years of lawlessness.

    I was above man’s law. I was above God’s law. I feared no one. I was a biker with a big gun and lots of dope. I had the world by the tail. Satan and I were partners, and he was the boss. Jesus wasn’t even a figment of my imagination. He didn’t live in my county and certainly not in my life.

    In June of 2000, however, my world came tumbling down. The 12th Judicial Drug Task Force busted me on drug trafficking charges. My leader/partner in crime dumped me like a hot potato and left me holding the bag.

    Where was he when they carted me off to jail and set a $50,000 bond on me? Hell I presume because he certainly wasn’t standing beside me.

    I had, however, learned a lot from him; tricks of the trade you might say. One of them was how to lie; so before long, I was free again on a small bond, and guess who was waiting outside the jail house? That’s right, my old Buddy, Satan.

    And before I knew it, I was doing, making, and selling all the dope I could. Satan and I were partners again. But before long, I was back in jail. No longer any use to Satan, he was gone again.

    This time my lies wouldn’t work, and I was sentenced to ten years in the Alabama State Penitentiary.

    Before I could be transported to prison, a bunch of preachers came by and laid some heavy Jesus stuff on me about how He could set me free. I wasn’t interested nor did I want anything at all to do with Jesus. But one night an unusual preacher came to my cell and said, “God is tired of knocking on your door and you not answering Him.” These words scared the Hell out of me.

    Soon after, I was in a stinking, filthy prison reading my Bible. I got to thinking about all the bad things I had done in my life, all the people I had hurt, and all the families I had destroyed with the drugs I had sold. I knew I was in big trouble with God, and if I went to Hell, Satan would be my tormentor instead of my deliverer.

    As I sat in my cell of that stinking, filthy prison, I began to make the acquaintance of a man who wanted to become my Heavenly Father, if I’d let him. He wanted to also become my Deliverer from this sinful life that had brought me and my wife nothing but pain and heartache.

    I read in 2 Corinthians 5:17 Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new. In other words, Jesus was willing to forgive me and give me a fresh new start.

    That was the best deal I’d ever heard of, so I took Him up on it. I got down on my knees on the floor of that dirty, stinking prison and asked the Forgiver to become my Deliverer. Instantly, a peace greater than any high I had ever had came over me. For the first time in my life I knew what true freedom really was. For once I was free!

    I still had 3 years to go on my 10 year sentence, but I needed those years to solidify the relationship I knew I must have with Jesus if I was to make it on the outside.

    I was released in October of 2004 and am now riding with Heaven’s Saints Motorcycle Ministry. Our ministry focus is youth and prison ministry.

    Every week or so I’m back in the very prison where I spent three years. This time not as a prisoner but as a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Instead of showing inmates how to sin, I show them how to have life and have it more abundantly.

    Jesus has blessed me in so many ways, a wonderful wife of 15 years who stuck it out, great friends, and best of all, a new life. He’ll do the same for you if you’ll let him. His grace, love, and mercy are sufficient to forgive even you no matter what you’ve done in the past.

    Nobody calls me Roger Rabbit anymore because the old man Roger Rabbit died the night Jesus came to prison.

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