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    Partnership to End Addiction partners with YouTube to launch educational video series

    Partnership to End Addiction partners with YouTube to launch educational video series

    NEW YORK, Mar. 1, 2022 – Partnership to End Addiction, a national nonprofit dedicated to supporting families impacted by substance use, launched the first of a 26-video series today in partnership with YouTube. The original videos spotlight messages of hope and point to credible information and resources for the millions of families struggling with substance use and addiction.

    “The recent loss of more than 100,000 people to overdose over the course of one year is a heartbreaking reminder that we have more to do in equipping families with the tools and resources to make a difference,” said Creighton Drury, CEO of Partnership to End Addiction. “We’ve heard from so many parents and caregivers about misinformation and confusing messages that leave them feeling helpless. Our goal for these videos is to bring hope and connect families with life-saving resources to support their loved ones and get them through these difficult times.”

    The Partnership will release new videos every two weeks, featuring a mix of families personally affected by substance use, experts and advocates who have dedicated their lives to helping others who are struggling with addiction. The content will fall into four unique series:

    • Talk About It: Lively panel discussions hosted by comedian GloZell Green (4.6m YouTube followers), including experts and people with firsthand knowledge in the addiction and recovery space
    • Experts Answer: The Partnership’s experts answer important questions related to prevention, treatment and recovery
    • Fact Check: Advocates give parents quick, important information about topics related to substance use and recovery
    • Recovering Together: Powerful personal stories told by families who have supported a loved one with substance use disorder and later became parent coaches for the Partnership

    “What I’ve learned from the Partnership to End Addiction is there is hope. There is support. There is somebody that will listen to you, that can identify with you, that can reassure you,” said Monica, who is a parent coach with Partnership to End Addiction.

    Subscribe to for videos of Monica and other parents and family members who share their stories.

    About Partnership to End Addiction

    Partnership to End Addiction is a national nonprofit uniquely positioned to reach, engage and help families impacted by addiction. With decades of experience in research, direct service, communications and partnership-building, we provide families with personalized support and resources — while mobilizing policymakers, researchers and health care professionals to better address addiction systemically on a national scale. For more information, visit

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