Steve Pasierb Introduces New Prescription and Over-The-Counter Drug Guide for Parents

Vike, Dance Fever, French Fries.

These are nicknames for common prescription drugs – drugs that teens are abusing often – and with serious consequences.

Join our President and CEO Steve Pasierb as he educates parents about the dangers of prescription drug abuse and what they can do in an October 4 satellite media tour.

In interviews on television and radio stations across the country, Steve will discuss teen prescription drug abuse and provide advice to parents to help prevent the abuse of medicines by their children.  He will also introduce a new resource, an interactive Prescription and Over-the-Counter Drug Guide created with Be Smart. Be Well.  The Drug Guide aims to help parents understand what prescription drugs their kids might be using, including their street names, photos, drug effects and signs of abuse.

Steve will be interviewed by more than 20 television and radio stations around the country.  Check out the complete list here:

•    North Dakota News Network
•    KCRA-NBC (Sacramento, CA)
•    WOCA Radio AM (Orlando, FL)
•    KLAS-CBS (Las Vegas, NV)
•    Health Radio Network
•    Northern News Network (Montana)
•    WJXT-IND (Jacksonville, FL)
•    South Dakota News Network
•    KERO-ABC (Bakersfield, CA)
•    KJMM-FM (Tulsa, OK)
•    WGHP-FOX (Greensboro, NC )
•    KTOE Radio AM (Minneapolis, MN)
•    WVNU Radio FM (Cincinnati, OH)
•    WYAM-IND (Huntsville, AL )
•    WWLP-NBC (Springfield, MA)
•    WDEF-CBS (Chattanooga, TN)
•    WJW-FOX (Cleveland, OH)
•    KOB-NBC (Albuquerque, NM)
•    KRIV-FOX (Houston, TX)
•    WDUN Radio AM (Atlanta, GA)
•    Tennessee Radio Network
•    KTVI-FOX (St. Louis, MO)
•    KXRM-FOX (Colorado Springs, CO)
•    KWPX-ION (Seattle, WA)

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