Partnership for Drug-Free Kids Supports the Declaration of a National State of Emergency

pills spilling on American flag

We strongly support President Trump’s announcement of a National State of Emergency in response to the current opioid epidemic. With 144 people dying every day to an accidental drug overdose, increased resources will help those struggling to obtain addiction treatment.

Following the recommendations made in the interim report by the White House Commission on Opioids, in part informed by a panel where Partnership Chief Policy Officer Marcia Lee Taylor testified, this declaration will free up additional resources at the state level to contest this crisis.

“Families are being torn apart by the opioid epidemic and we need every resource available to us in order to turn the tide and get people the help they need,” said Taylor. “We applaud the President for making this declaration and look forward to increased resources to help solve this problem in a comprehensive way.”

If you or someone you know needs help, learn more about our one-on-one support or call our Toll-Free Helpline 1-855-DRUGFREE.

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