November’s Top 5 Posts: Stories of Recovery, Coping During the Holidays and Advice on Searching for Addiction Treatment

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Each month, we strive to provide resources, information and answers to families who have a son or daughter struggling with substance use. Many of those resources are provided through our blogs – the Parent Blog for answers to your tough questions and perspective from families who have been there, the Partnership News Service for a curated digest of the drug-related news of the week, and our Newsroom for updates on how the Partnership is addressing the needs of families and their communities.

In case you missed it, the following were our most popular blog posts from November:

1. If Love Alone Could Have Saved Me, It Would Have
“Just because your child is struggling with drugs doesn’t mean you didn’t love them enough. They’re just entangled in the cunning, baffling disease of addiction.” Jessica Clay, a young adult in recovery, shares insights from the other side of her struggle with substance use disorder.

2. Everything My Parents Did to Get Me Addiction Treatment, and into Recovery
“In my family, addiction was treated with the same affection and care as any other potentially fatal illness. I’m in recovery from addiction today because of it.” Keegan Wicks, a young adult in recovery opens up about the role his parents have played in his recovery.

3. Secrets for Surviving Thanksgiving with an Addicted Son
“Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthdays or anything special to our family — our son who was using drugs found a way to bring heartache to the occasion.” Parent and advocate Ron Grover shares tips for getting through the challenges of the holidays.

4. The Empty Chair at Our Holiday Table
When you lose a child, there will always be an empty chair at the holiday table. Parent and advocate Patty DiRenzo shares how she has learned to cope each Thanksgiving and Christmas.

5. What to Look for – and What to Avoid – When Searching for an Addiction Treatment Program
Unethical addiction treatment is unfortunately abundant. Learn to discern quality, clinical treatment from those who don’t have your child’s best interest at heart.

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