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There is a constant stream of new, more potent cannabis products in kid-friendly flavors and packaging designed to attract teens and young adults. Learn more about the ever-changing landscape.

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Are you worried about your child trying cannabis or perhaps they are already using it? Learn what to say and do when it comes to preventing experimentation or keeping it from progressing.

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Risks of use

Despite the marketing hype around cannabis use, it can pose health risks including addiction. Learn more about health problems linked to use and the signs of a cannabis use disorder, the clinical term for addiction.


Cannabis is an addictive drug that's particularly harmful to developing adolescent brains. Teens that consume it have poorer life outcomes on a number of measures. They have more mental health disorders, including depression, anxiety, and psychosis. As a group, they complete less school and are more likely to be unemployed or underemployed than their peers.

Dr. Sharon Levy

Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrician, Addiction Medicine Specialist, Director of Adolescent Substance Use & Addiction Program at Boston Children's Hospital

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You may feel your loved one needs treatment and wonder what are research-based approaches to address Cannabis Use Disorder. Or, if your loved one does not want to quit using are there ways to reduce the risks? Learn more about ways to help.


Protecting and advocating for youth

Learn about the specific steps and actions parents, other caregivers and community members can take to ensure legal and regulatory protections are in place to prevent underage use.

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Additional resources

Learn more about topics related to cannabis use.

More tools to help you and your loved one.

Help and Hope by Text

Our personalized text messaging program is designed to help you support your loved one and yourself whether your interest is in prevention, intervention, treatment or recovery.

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Substance Use Risk Assessment Tool

This risk assessment is designed to help you better understand the risks your child may face related to mental health, well-being, personality, family history, and their environment.

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A Skill-Building Course Addressing Teen Substance Use

If you suspect or know your child is engaging in substance use or other unhealthy behaviors, all you want to do is get them back on track. More effective communication and proven ways to change challenging behaviors are key to healthier outcomes.

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