Fun Without Alcohol: Investors Flock to “Sober Curious” Ventures

As more people want to have fun without alcohol, investors are increasingly investing in “sober curious” ventures, CNN reports.

Fewer Americans are drinking beer, and millennials are drinking less overall, the article notes. Beer companies are investing in non-alcoholic or low-alcoholic drinks, while startup investors and entrepreneurs are putting money into businesses such as sober bars.

Investor Anu Duggal, owner of the Female Founders Fund, recently invested in King Euphorics, which makes a non-alcoholic beverage called “High Rhode.” Kin CEO Jen Batchelor says the company wants to create options for people who feel their current choices are to either go out and drink alcohol, or stay home alone. “If those are the two choices, then something is broken,” she said. “You can do the ‘feel good’ thing and still be out at a bar, still take a client out.”

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