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Addiction has dulled too many lights

Addiction has robbed too many people of their potential too soon.

By Katelyn

Growing up in the shadow of someone as smart as my brother was always a little intimidating but inspiring. School always came so easy to him, and with a near perfect SAT score so did his choice of college.

Unfortunately, some people who don’t have to work very hard to be smart may look elsewhere for a challenge. In my brother’s case, that was eventually substance use.

I lost my brother to an overdose in December 2004, when he was just 22. I was a freshman in college. My family was turned upside down. As such, I’m most familiar with the impact that loss from addiction has on families and how grief wears different faces.

Addiction has dulled too many lights, robbed too many people of their potential too soon, and ravaged too many families in the United States with financial strain, grief and sadness.

The resources and support provided through the Partnership and other organizations like it are therefore invaluable. They help bring us all together with different perspectives of awareness, compassion, connection and response. I pray that the accessibility of resources compiled by the Partnership provide guidance, education and comfort to those struggling and give families and friends the resources to feel like they are not alone.

Katelyn is running the 2024 United NYC Half Marathon in support of Partnership to End Addiction. To make a contribution to her fundraiser, click here.

The Problem

The pervasive and devastating impact of addiction. It’s a complex issue that affects not only the individual struggling with addiction but also their families and communities. The consequences are multifaceted, ranging from emotional trauma and grief to financial strain. The loss of potential in individuals who succumb to addiction is a tragedy. The problem is further compounded by the stigma associated with addiction, which often prevents individuals and families from seeking or accessing help.

The Solution

Partnership to End Addiction takes a comprehensive approach in addressing this crisis that includes awareness, education, support, and resources for those affected by addiction. However, to make a measurable difference, we have to reach more families and communities, and that effort requires funding. Members of our community are banding together, starting a variety of fundraisers to help us reach even more people with our life-changing resources and programs.

Take Action

Start a fundraiser

Getting your friends, family and colleagues parents and caregivers involved in addressing the addiction crisis is one of the best ways to raise funds while also raising awareness of the magnitude and urgency of this issue. In 2023 we provided direct, personalized and free support to more than 20,000 parents and more than 1.7 million people benefited from our educational resources. Together, we can do even more.