Out of Reach

Thank you for your interest in using this special Out of Reach toolkit to help spread the word about medicine abuse. This page contains instructions on downloading the full-length (25-minute) documentary, as well as all of the instructions and documents you need to screen the film and use it to have a meaningful conversation about teen medicine abuse.

Please note that the intended audience for “Out of Reach” is parents and concerned adults – it is not intended for teens. Please also be advised that access to this film is intended only for the person or entity to which it is addressed and may not be distributed to anyone other than the person or entity to which it is addressed.

How to View and Download the film:

1. Access the video at this link: http://vimeo.com/109943035

2. Use password: Partnership (case sensitive)

You can now stream the film, but streaming right from the page will only work if you have an internet connection. Therefore, to assure that the film plays without interruption at the screening, we highly recommend that you download the film and save it to your desktop (or to a flash drive or DVD) in advance of the screening. Here’s how:

• Click the gray-colored “Download” button underneath the film, next to the “stats” button (not the “start download” link below that).
• RIGHT-click on “HD .MP4 file.”
• Click “save target as” (or “save link as”).
• Choose where you want to save the film. We recommend selecting your desktop.
• Click “save” and the film will automatically start to download. Once complete, the film can be accessed in the folder you chose.

If you have any issues viewing or accessing the film, please email us at communications@drugfree.org.

Out of Reach Toolkit

Begin with our handy overview of the Out of Reach film and toolkit. It will teach you how to hold a screening of any size, how to invite people to, and promote your screening and more.
Download the Introduction >

Review this document which will guide you through your screening and help you have a meaningful conversation with your attendees about the film and medicine abuse.
Download the Discussion Guide >

These one-pagers provide additional talking points and action steps. They will help you get specific about how to safeguard and dispose of medicine, how to recognize signs of symptoms of medicine abuse and how to talk to your kids.
Download Safeguarding and Disposing >
Download Signs and Symptoms >
Download Talk to Your Kids >

Invite Your Guests:

You can use this easily customizable invitation and a copy of the movie poster to promote the screening and invite your guests.
Download Sample Invitation >
Download Out of Reach Movie Poster >

Promote Your Screening to the Media:

You can use this easily customizable press release and media advisory to help promote your screening to your local press.
Download Customizable Press Release >
Download Customizable Media Advisory >