Out of Reach is a documentary created by a teen filmmaker that captures the issue of teen prescription medicine abuse as it exists in his world. The issues contained in the film are a reflection of this issue across the country. Please note that the film’s intended audience is parents and concerned adults – it is not intended for teens.

    Out of Reach was created in collaboration with director Tucker Capps (of A&E’s Intervention) and the Medicine Abuse Project.


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    Trailer: "Out Of Reach" - Medicine Abuse Through a Teen's Eyes

    Out of Reach captures the issue of teen prescription medicine abuse as it exists in their world.

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    The film Out of Reach was created to help spread the word about medicine abuse. You’ll find everything you need here to host a successful screening of the full-length (25-minute) documentary, have a meaningful follow-up discussion and provide action steps to your guests.

    How to view and download the film

    How to host a successful film screening

    1. Download and review an introduction and action steps for an overview of the Out of Reach film and all materials provided here. It will teach you how to hold a screening of any size, how to invite people to, and promote your screening and more.

    2. Download and review the Discussion Guide designed to help you facilitate a meaningful screening and follow-up conversation about the film and medicine abuse.

    3. Invite guests using this easily customizable invitation and/or a copy of the movie poster.

    4. If hosting a public screening, promote your event in the local media using this easily customizable press release and media advisory.


    February 2017